Questions To Ask Your Preschool Before Enrolling

Finding the right preschool for your child can be a difficult process, so it’s important to find out as much as you can before enrolling your son or daughter. These are some questions you should ask before making the plunge into your child’s academic career.

What is the Staff Coverage?

A preschool tempe should have the proper amount of adults per child. Depending on the actual age of the group of children, state laws define the exact coverage that must be established throughout the day. You should also take the time to ask who will be in charge for the majority of the day. Some preschools may only have one or two highly qualified instructors, so consider this an important question to ask.

What are the Behavioral Guidelines?

Preschool age children need to learn that there are consequences that come from negative behaviors and that good behaviors bring about positive results. Discuss the behavior policy thoroughly to ensure that your child, and equally importantly, the children who are with your children, receive efficient behavioral support. The types of discipline can vary tremendously from school to school, so make sure your comfortable with all aspects of the policy.

What’s the Curriculum?

You should find out what is going to be taught to your child and which preschool methodologies the school follows. Some preschools in tempe, az follow national and/or state-based curriculums, Montessori techniques, or curriculums that are created by the school’s stakeholders. Some additional considerations would be about social and behavioral teachings, center activities, science, and health.

What Can My Child Eat?

Some tempe az preschools mandate that every child at the school has to eat the meal that is served by the school. Other schools aren’t this strict and allow students to pack their own lunches and snacks. It’s very important to ask about the menus and snacks to avoid any potential problems with allergies or utter dislike of food that could cause problems during the day.

What are the Costs?

Every preschool has different costs associated with missed days, early and late pick-ups, and holidays. You need to find out if you will be charged for days when your child is absent. It’s quite possible that you may have to pay for any missed days because the provider has to pay for adequate coverage, even if you let the school know ahead of time. You should also ask about additional costs for supplies, food items, field trips, etc.

Take the time to consider any other important items. It’s a good practice to take a brochure or pamphlet from the preschool before making any decisions. The information provided in this document could spark some questions that you may not have considered. Most of all, the staff at the preschool you choose should create a warm, inviting environment that encourages children to be creative, follow the rules, and embrace learning.