Rates & Programs

Our educational program is enriched with activities of all subject’s areas, including: Literature, Science, Mathematics, Creative Art, Music, Movement, Multicultural, Sensory and Gross Motor. Our curriculum is age-appropriate and stimulates brain development and interaction. We also have a wide array of activities for physical education. We value play in preschool and design our classroom environments to facilitate learning through any type of play. Classroom learning centers are used along with teacher directed learning activities every day. Our teaching units are created around monthly themes which you can find posted in our classrooms and front office.


Age Full Time Part Time
Infants $205.00 Not Available
1 – 2 Years $185.00 $155.00
3 – 5 Years $175.00 $145.00
6 – 12 Years $165.00 $135.00

After School Pick-Ups: $100.00 WEEKLY