How to Find a Daycare Center in Tempe, AZ

Without question, children are the most important thing in their parent’s lives. In modern times, with almost all households subsisting on a two-person income, seeking the right caregiver to watch children in their parent’s absence is a daunting task. Even with hundreds of options available, parents want to find the right daycare for their child’s personality and individual needs. Often new parents are mystified on where to begin the search.
When selecting a Tempe daycare things parents can look for to make process just a little bit easier. Using these tips can help to narrow the list of affordable options down to just the right caregiver.1. Word of Mouth

Look for a daycare that has a good reputation. Talk to other mothers and fathers with young children and find out who they used. Also check out online reviews through Yelp, Facebook, and similar avenues by using simple search terms like “day care Tempe AZ” or “child care Tempe AZ“.

2. Stimulating Environment

The best daycares offer a curriculum that helps youngsters to prepare for their elementary and preschool days. Look for a center that has fun, educational toys and touts clear cut lesson plans.

3. Make an Unexpected Visit

It’s a good idea to set up a scheduled time to tour a prospective daycare. This allows for the full attention of staff and plenty of time to ask questions and pose concerns. However, it is also a good idea to do a brief, spontaneous drop by before committing to a daycare. This allows prospective parents to see what really goes on during a typical day and observe how staff interact with children.

4. Trust your Instinct

It may not be scientific, but your gut feeling about a location goes a long way. If you do not feel comfortable about a particular day care or something just feels off, then avoid it. Tempe is home to dozens upon dozens of daycare with every type of philosophy. Not every location will be a good fit.

5. Ask Questions

Ask lots of questions. Make a list before arriving for your first tour. Find out what sort of snacks are provided, what the schedule looks like, and how the turnover rate is for employees. Verify that everyone on staff has undergone a background check and that general policies on food, field trips, and discipline fit your values.

Asking the right questions and doing your research helps to ensure you are selecting the right daycare. At the end of the day, trust your gut. There are plenty of heat daycare a in the Tempe area. Chances are you will only need to do a little searching to find the perfect one for your family.